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Affordable Online Astrophysics Degrees and Courses

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Having trouble finding an online college that offers a degree in Astrophysics? There aren't many of them out there. Although there are a plethora of non-accredited programs for novices and hobbyists, there is a substantial lack of universities offering either degrees or courses in the area of astrophysics.

Ideal Astrophysics Degree Candidates:

These courses are an excellent choice for those that have been working in a astrophysics related field for several years, allowing you to have the flexibility to further your education while maintaining your professional career. Some occupations that may benefit from online astrophysics courses are:

  • Research Associates
  • Scientists
  • Technical Consultants
  • Astronomers
  • Telescope System Engineers
  • Astronomy Teachers
  • Astrophysicists
  • Graduate Students

Typical Astrophysics Course Requirements:

Often there are requirements that must be met by the student prior to enrollment.
These include:

  • a high school diploma or GED,
  • TOEFL required for international applicants whose primary language of instruction was not English
  • related professional work experience
  • a baccalaureate degree or some prior college experience

Colleges Offering Online Astronomy Courses:

There are few accredited universities offering online astrophysics courses. Many colleges offer online content only during certain semesters, and require enrollment at the university. If you're unsure whether or not a college in your area offers online courses you should check with the college registrar to get a list of available online courses.

  • Swinburne University - This is the lone university offering online astrophysics master's degrees geared toward educators and communicators, and not toward research scientists.


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