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  • Alaska Climate Research Center - this site provides everything you would like to know about the meteorology and climatology of Alaska!
  • AccuWeather - weather site offering forcasts, news, and community aspects.
  • Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page - weather related resources, classroom weather units and other weather resources.
  • El Niño - information about the disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the Tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather and climate around the globe. Offers links to a wide array of useful related resources.
  • Environment Canada Weather - get the latest weather for any region in Canada.
  • Global Climate Change - extensive links dealing with all aspects of global climate change.
  • The Global Climate Change Consensus - information about the consensus among climate researchers. Provides links to related resources.
  • Nasa Hurricane Resource Centre - get the latest hurricane and tropical storm information. Has images of the effects of recent hurricanes and an animation of Hurricane Rita.
  • Internet Weather Resources - a good survey of available weather resources on the internet.
  • Online Guides to Meteorology - collection of dynamic web-based instructional modules.
  • New Zealand Climate at NIWA Science - overview of New Zealand's climate information.
  • Space Weather Resources - Links to many Space Weather resources. Space weather studies the environmental dynamics of "geospace": the active (and sometimes stormy) region above the Earth's lower atmosphere
  • VL Resource Library - repository for a wide range of Satellite Meteorology teaching resources, such as course material, lectures, keynote presentations, imagery, software, publications, and meta information.
  • Weather Channel - comprehensive weather coverage just like the corresponding TV channel.
  • Weather Dude - a really "cool" weather site by Nick Walker. Get today's weather, stuff for kids, parents and teachers, weather terminology, questions and links to other related resources.
  • Weather Information Superhighway - from the National Weather Service; a comprehensive collection of the main meteorological data, information and image sites around the world.
  • Weather Network - check here for weather forecasts and information.
  • Weather Online - forecasts, weather data, questions and answers, and comprehensive weather links.
  • Weather Topics: Yahoo - a list of weather links available through Yahoo.
  • Weather Underground - popular weather portal offering a wide array of weather information. Includes satalight, radar, astronomy, marine, tropical warnings and maps.
  • Wikipedia: Weather Portal - informational portal about weather and meteorology
  • World Meteorological Organization - this UN agency site has extensive links dealing with weather, climate and related areas.
  • World Weather - weather links covering local to international weather conditions. Created by the World Meteorology Organization.

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